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Araam Case Study – An Online Marketplace for Professional Hiring

Araam was commenced in September 2016 with an exceptional idea of an online marketplace for hiring services. The concept behind Araam was unique and carried a notion of introducing an ease to people for hiring professionals in just a click. 

At the time, there wasn’t any online marketplace website for hiring services in Pakistan and with Araam’s approach it would transform the service sector of Pakistan into a new era of digital connectivity. By forging a partnership with Buzz Interactive, we started breaking ground.

The Problem

The underlying idea behind Araam had been a completely new introduction in Pakistan, where such an innovation was not even predicted, created a real problem for our client.

Presenting a unique idea into a real experience has been a great challenge and to top it all off, introducing something completely new out of the blue. The challenge faced was to educate the underlying concept of Araam locally which people were not even understanding at first as how would it be possible to hire professionals online for your home services such as Plumber,

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No Brand Awareness

No Digital Marketing Plan

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No Proper Website Marketplace

No Database

The Action Plan

With Buzz Interactive’s expressive and innovative marketing campaign, the concept behind Araam was to be presented to provide a clear understanding to the audience and provide them with knowledge of how this marketplace for professional hiring benefit the users as well as the vendors.

Buzz Interactive’s digital marketing strategy was to make users apprehend the purpose of Araam and to emphasize on the ideology behind our client. Araam in English means “With ease” which pretty much communicates the principal feature of our client and our strategy was to revolve around the ideology to improve brand awareness and users’ knowledge.

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Improve Website Traffic via SEO & PPC Marketing

Work We Did



With Buzz Interactive’s brilliant design services, the logo of Araam was creatively designed. The first letter “A” representing an upward pointed triangle conveys a simple message of ambition and growth. The spaces between each letter implicates the ease to read all the words clearly hence strengthening the ideology behind Araam’s laid foundation of providing ease to the users by its marketplace website.

The color scheme used for Araam were primarily focused on communicating peace and relaxing environment. The psychological impact of such colors are used to reducing stress hence Araam’s main idea revolves around reducing your stress by providing professionals for your home, business or personal needs in just a click.



Rebuilding a fully responsive marketplace website was brilliantly done by our web development team. Building an online market and a web directory for vendor listings and users’ service availing information included constant process of iteration but eventually a comprehensive website marketplace was beautifully aligned revolving around easy to access user interface providing improved overall user experience.


Social Media Posts

Our strategic social media marketing campaign was designed to boost the users’ knowledge and develop a connection with the audience. Buzz Interactive’s social media services had been highly successful in strengthening brand name and awareness with ever increasing engagement and essentially improving vendor and user sign up.

We at Buzz Interactive take steps to creating winning strategy towards establishing our objectives and goals. Setting S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-bound) goals helped us measure social media campaign success and ROI (Return on Investment) for our client.

We created 3 different campaign types each intended to reach a specific audience; vendor, user and general audience. Each campaign was a triumph in reaching a desired goal, generating traffic to Araam’s website with increasing sign ups and job creations.


With our PPC marketing strategy, Araam’s website traffic was increasing on a daily basis by an impressive number (a rise of 130%) with our cost effective keyword (low Cost-per-click & high traffic per month) selection to run ads on.

170K Ads

4.2K Clicks


2.47% CTR

Advanced SEO Strategies for ARAAM

Our strategic SEO service helped Araam reach number 1 position on the search engine results and organically generated 48,780 yearly traffic which was a great booster towards vendor and user sign-ups. Tangible tracking results showed 200 total daily sign-ups on average.

Effective Link Building

Content Marketing

Creative Infographics

The Result

After implementing all facets of the strategy, Araam’s web traffic increased and qualified lead volume became consistent as they were present for 27,100 online searches. High visibility resulted in 4,065 clicks generating a 200% vendor sign up rate, 233% user sign up rate driving total job creation of 4000 (increased by 167%). One of these jobs produced a 30,000 PKR student job!

In addition, Araam’s organic rankings have continued improving year-over-year with significant increases in all critical KPIs. Website Sessions are up 148% and New Users increased 171% from 2016 to 2019.


Vendor Signup Increased


User Signup Increased


Job creation Increased


Time Spent Increased

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